How to start gro-ui


Hello everyone.
I’m currently working on the PFC 1.0.
For now, it was going really good until I started working on the software. With the help of this forum, I was able to find the repositories for the PFC 1.0. and which code to upload to Arduino and so on…but I got stuck at the gro-ui.
I don’t understand how the start the gro-ui :confused:.
I searched through the forums, but could not find any topic considering my problem.


I’m assuming that by gro-ui, you’re referring to this github repository: Although it is not currently mentioned in the readme for gro-ui repo on github, all of the PFC v1.0 and v2.x software is now deprecated and unsupported. Some of the repositories have a deprecation notice, and others do not. For more information, please read this post from OpenAg:

For information about current designs and software from the OpenAg team at MIT, please read this thread:

For information about the community developed MVP PFC (aka $300 Food Computer) and its software, please read this thread:

[/cc @rbaynes because some of the old github repos might benefit from a deprecation notice with a link to where people can find current information]


Thank you for your answer.
I was also wondering if it is possible to use this: for the PFC 1.0. UI, It says that it can be used for the OpenAg Food Computer (v1.1 and above).
What is the difference between versions 1.0. and 1.1.?


The openag_ui repo was part of the software for the PFC v2.0 and PFC v2.1 designs. From what I remember of watching the progress on it back in 2017, it seemed like there were a lot of features planned, but only a limited portion of that stuff got implemented.

The openag_ui README’s reference to “OpenAg Food Computer (v1.1 and above)” confuses me, That might have been a statement about intended functionality rather than what actually got implemented. I’m not sure. In any case, I know the OpenAg team at MIT had openag_ui working with PFC v2.1 hardware in the fall of 2017. But, other people here on the forum reported serious problems attempting to get openag_ui running in 2018 (see this thread: Getting the software up and running). Apparently the installation procedure broke due to changes in the underlying dependencies. I recommend that you don’t attempt to use the old software. Rather than investing a ton of effort in getting its limited functionality to actually install and run, you’d probably be better off writing something of your own from scratch.

For current options, lots of people have been having success with the MVP design. But, its hardware isn’t a particularly good match for the PFC v1.0. On the other hand, if you take a look at how the MVP software works (see, you could potentially apply a similar approach with your hardware. The basic architecture is cron jobs running scripts plus logging and charts in CouchDB. You could use that approach by changing how the scripts work to match your hardware. If you don’t like CouchDB, you could save logs to a csv file and use python’s matplotlib package to draw charts.

Also, you might get some good ideas from what house has been doing with a new software stack for hardware designs derived from the PFC v2.x (thread: OpenAG in South Korea, code:

The hardware for the new PFC v3.0 (pfc-edu) design is very different from the PFC v1.0. The software is interesting, but it’s not architected in a way that would transfer well to your hardware–it’s very modular and configurable, but all the peripherals are I2C devices on a multiplexed I2C bus. I don’t think you’d be able to use much of the new code.


Thanks for your help @wsnook ! I marked 24 of our very old repos in GitHub as deprecated and archived them. But that probably won’t stop people from asking about code that hasn’t been updated in 2+ years, so thanks for the help!