HPA aeroponics growing chamber DIY (XPS)


I can not find a suitable box for lettuce growing chamber, and XPS Insulation Board came to my mind, mainly due to depth. I intend spraying vertically from the bottom.
The dimensions of the board are 125 x 60cm (48" x 24"), right for the box 125 x 62 x 62cm. I’d stick with a PU foam. Sides and bottom of 2cm (1") thickness.
Cover 5cm (2"), cone square holes for 2" rockwool cube with lettuce seeds

can be made with a knife, in early stage more dense.What do you think.


I`ve used 2" xps for chambers in the past, the method i used was to pin the joints together with 6" coach screws and aluminium foil tape. Its best to use a liner, such as 5mil greenhouse poly or similar with a little creative folding to form a box. If its going to be used indoors it needs to be 100% watertight, if its for outdoor use, the odd drip wont be much of an issue.