HPA Aeroponics Vertical System Build


Hey everyone,

I’ve recently built a prototype of a vertical HPA aeroponics system that is fairly primitive compared to some of the great work I’ve seen on here. It is currently planted with some sort of lettuce mix just to see if anything would grow at all. I’m trying to maximize potential grow volume by using shallow growbeds and experimenting with substrate material. Over the next few months, I will be working to fine tune the operational and biological aspects of the system (misting frequency, nutrient dosage, etc), then slowly building in automation and remote monitoring systems.

My 1-2 year goal is to scale this to the equivalent of a 1 acre plot. Napkin math tells me I can do it with ~5,000 square feet of warehouse space. I am currently located in Washington, DC but am looking to hopefully be attending MIT Sloan’s MBA program next fall.


Congrats on the prototype! Do you plan to scale your grow in D.C., Cambridge, or elsewhere?


Hi bro,
Good to see you build this HPA aeroponics system.
I am new to this. But I would like to explore to build the same system with some IoT features.
Any guide to kick start?
Thank you in advance!