HPA vs. LPA vs. Fogponics vs. DWC for Specific Application


I am building an aeroponic/hydroponic/fogponic/DWC chamber that I am trying to figure out what the optimal system would match. I wanted to have a HPA aeroponic setup, but due to size constraints of the growing chamber I’m not sure it’s possible. My goal is to have the most efficient growing system given the constraints.
Lettuce is my target crop, however I was thinking about some sort of decorative flower as well.

DWC is actually the most challenging to implement in my application so I’d like to avoid it if possible.

The chamber dimensions are 18"x6"x12" (inches). Are there any nozzles that would allow me to use this low height chamber with HPA?

Is there any information for lettuce or any other plant that gives a clear comparison of HPA/LPA/Fogponics? I wanted to know if its worth it to have some of the more complex systems like Fog and HPA. If the difference in growth is negligible than LPA would be the easiest in my application.

I guess to summarize, Given a growing chamber of 18"x6"x12" what is the optimal soiless growing method.

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Why not NFT? It is one of the most common commercial techniques for lettuce.

This system should fit in your setup:


This setup is to try to have the most optimum growing method possible, not really the easiest/cheapest/best ROI etc.

It’s a very little grow chamber. I assume that you’re testing and trying with different technologies band techniches. The answer is yes there’s a few nozzles that can fit with the little growing chamber. For example we AFD AF Hypro or the DiG nozzles. Great nozzles for aeroponics. I’m a big fan of HPA and I use it a lot. Finally you can try to with AAA if you have the optimium medium for growing.

Yes, I have been reading a lot about the AFD stuff. It seems to me the biggest crux of the HPA system is how large the spraying chamber has to be. When it comes to pounds of yield per square foot the system gets crushed solely because of the space requirement.

But this stuff needs to be part of your design. Aprox. A great nozzle for HPA mist upward 30 to 40 cm and have a diameter of 30 cm more less. A great nozzle architecture it’s the Olympic rings ussing hollow cone nozzles. And always consider the coverture, flowrate and droplet size.

In the case of hpa towers located outdoors or in a greenhouse, the potential yield per square foot is far in excess of a flat garden :wink:

Totally agree. I’m also developed an industrial design application for the HPA vertical towers and it has 100 to 120 plants for square meter.
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