Hydroponic question


Hello people :slight_smile:

Was wondering about the nutrition solution level and the grow medium.
Does the grow medium need to touch the nutrition solution? I’m assuming yes so that the grow medium gets wet and is able to provide for the seed.
Problem is that I then need have the water level right up to the grow surface. Rock wool blocks I use come out from under the grow surface just about 15mm.

Or is it enough to put the seeds in and have a little space between the nutrition solution and the grow medium? Then I would need to water the grow medium every now and then to ensure seeding?

Any experiences? Any information? :slight_smile:

Also are there limitations how far the seed is from the nutrition solution?


Not sure I get you problem, but I used a “raft” design where the insulation board float on the water
that way no need to bother with the water level


Ahaa :slight_smile: Newer even grossed my mind to make it a raft :slight_smile:
I shall make it so…


We do the same :smiley: