HYGROPRO OpenAg services&designs introduction


Hello good people of the OpenAg community,

My name is John Forest Kelly. I’m a Mechanical Engineering Student graduating this December from North Carolina State University. I built the PFC_V1 2.5 years ago and have since been obsessed with the OpenAg initiative and the multitudes it has to offer the world.

I believe that working to bring bottom-up agriculture to the forefront of modern civilization is imperative to actualize a sustainable future for future generations. This belief, combined with my experience with PFC’s has inspired me to forestall a career in mechanical engineering and start a company focused on doing just that.

I incorporated HYGROPRO L.L.C. to to manufacture OpenAg PFC’s and distribute them to customers who otherwise wouldn’t consider building their own. The goal of HYGROPRO is to make the OpenAg software available to all users, not just the technically inclined. So far I’ve created a modular CNC manufactured frame for the PFC_v2 made from moisture resistant MDF that lowers cost and build time while increasing insulation. Now, I’m working towards establishing a company that bridges the gap between fresh food enthusiasts and the spectacular capability of OpenAg. HYGROPRO will fabricate and distribute PFC’s, provide technical support, and contribute to the already vast library of documentation.

If have any questions or especially suggestions for HYGROPRO, feel free to reply here or contact me at hygropro@gmail.com. I’m looking for what your experience with OpenAg has been like and where you think there’s room for improvement, especially regarding ease of use.

What services or support would improve your growing experience?

What are your greatest challenges as an OpenAg grower?

What does your ideal growing chamber look like on the outside?

I look forward to working closely with the community to develop more resources, broaden the user base, and make OpenAg a household name. When I dream of the future of this technology I see food computers of all shapes and sizes in every home reconnecting people with the original spirit of agriculture; the careful cultivation of life.

P.S. congrats on the PFC_3, what a beautiful design ! <3