I am creating a wiring schematic diagram for the PFC v2


Hi everyone,

I am in the process of putting together a comprehensive wiring schematic for the PFC v2.0. If there are good references in the forums/wiki/github available (and you are feeling generous), please feel free to post them into this thread!

Wiring the brain-modul
Power Module wiring (draft)

Also, if anyone has experience with AutoCAD Eagle (or similar software) and would be interested in collaborating on this effort, that would make this mini-project go smoother (I’m a novice at using it).

Adrian and the Digital Farm Lab team

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Our PFC v2.0. Brain / Is there a Brain System Diagram out there?

Word! http://ferguman.blogspot.com/2017/

Do you have access to the Eagle S/W?



Currently, I do not but it’s only $15/mo.


Yeah, $15 bucks is hard to beat. I was looking at using Kicad however the Kicad ecosystem seams to be morbund if not dead.


Nice. I applaud your efforts and hope you can come up with something that looks slick, is easy to follow for beginners, and works well for improving the documentation.

When i was in FRC (First Robotics Competition) many many years ago (man i feel old), they had these really slick basic wiring diagrams / blueprints that were awesome. They later had some full color ones like the following example, but i personally preferred the black/white blueprint ones with the 3D CAD layout. We would go over to the huge printer meant for the architecture / CAD students and print a huge one out full size and roll them up. Since they were in PDF form this was pretty easy. Not sure what software they used for the layout, i assume Altium Designer, an expensive, confusing, and proprietary system. Good times though. Great memories.

If you could figure out something similar i think it would be awesome. Have you looked into Fritzing? I know it can do something similar, and is open source, but i haven’t used it myself. But check Fritzing out.

P.s. what do you mean by “AutoCAD Eagle”? You mean EagleCAD that was bought out by Autodesk, not Autocad? I know how to use EagleCAD, but it is meant for making PCBs so i dont see how that would be the best software to use. KiCAD is also for PCBs and may have finally matured, but i dont use it.


Regarding KiCad: It is actually a bundle of tools including schematic capture and board layout.


Cool. I did a brief review of KiCad and it looks like the project is still active. Perhaps I’ll use it if Eagle doesn’t work out…

Eagle has a free option which Includes 2 schematic sheets, 2 signal layers, and 80 cm2 board area. For our purposes this may be viable.


@adrianlu I think that @thiemehennis and his team are using Kicad - seems to be working fine for them.

They’re also designing their own PCB for AstroPlant. @iancollmceachern @JakeHart @catbarpH may have suggestions as well.


Here’s a draft so far.

Thoughts anyone?

Wiring diagram for PFC v2

oh cool. They must have made great progress since i last looked at it (was many years ago when only a few people knew who ladyada was and adafruit industries did not exist) and arduino was just taking off, partly because many of us makers use linux and Microchip/Pics being undesired because they were windows only. At the time CadSoft Eagle was the best free option being not open source, but cross platform, which was more important. KiCad looked interesting but looked like it needed work. Sounds like it may have greatly matured by now.

Now lets just hope something similar happens with traditional parametric CAD software. Sadly i’m still tied to SolidWorks being the only usable solution for me. Ironic i know. The one program that i keep Windows around for. None of the open source/free alternatives are currently appealing to me. Sorry, didn’t mean to take this off topic.

Great work so far!


I’ve fielded a number of PFC v2.x support requests here on the forum in previous months. The v2 design has significant problems (see Getting the software up and running), and Caleb’s team at MIT is focused on new stuff that they will hopefully be announcing in the not too distant future.

FWIW, my vote is that it’s time to start actively discouraging people from starting new builds using the v1 or v2.x designs.

Have you seen the boards and schematics that Jake & Dan have been working on in the openag_eagle repo? They’re not done yet. So far, the new stuff is still alpha, but it’s getting close. I’m really excited about the direction they’ve taken things in.

[update, March 14: See Update from OpenAg - Please Read]


Thank you for the drawing, so much easier to follow than the instructions… A drawing like that of the brain modul eaylyer in my process would have saved me tons of understanding of the instructions and looking at photos…


Not described in the instructions to the power-modul, -I think you power up the relay timer, like this. My paint-skill sucks, but if you look at my picture you get the idea… But im not sure im right? My timer modul at least came on, when setting it up like that,



You need to set the relay timer into mode 10 or else the power switch for the system dosn’t work… instructions for the relay timer here: https://cdn.instructables.com/ORIG/FKQ/BV7D/IUHMS1GV/FKQBV7DIUHMS1GV.pdf


Just found this

Looks like @sllo May have started a similar diagram - perhaps he’d be willing to share.




Thanks for your nominat. I did not build with KITS . Some one told to read the wiring from CODE, and I did and have some kind of wiring texted paired with K1~K16 relays and sensors

Some power is +12V, Some 24V, But some are AC (110vac /220ac)
Wire come with current rating. V1,V2,V3 share the current output from 12V output from PSU, and not over its rating on its rail.





Signal_board need to download some tools to view files “Eagle formats


And then you can understand what the wiring TEXT going to tell you .
EC and PH need to change i2c mode before plug in the signal board the small switch 1 and 2 may not do all they should be.
hope that can help @adrianlu


@JMarkling Haven’t got this set up yet but I’ll keep your powering suggestion in mind.



Does anyone have a Final working schematic for wiring ?
The ones above don’t include resistors and capacitors which were given in the schematic on github


The image you posted is blurry, so I can’t see for sure what you were looking at. This thread is about wiring the PFC v2 design. But, it looks like maybe you’re trying to view a schematic for the PFC_EDU design. The best way to do that is get a free copy of EAGLE from AutoDesk and use it to view the schematic (.sch) and board (.brd) files at https://github.com/OpenAgInitiative/openag-electrical/tree/master/prj/pfc-edu/v4.0 or https://github.com/OpenAgInitiative/openag-electrical/tree/master/prj/pfc-edu/v3.0