I am new at forum, I am elctronic enginner, How to start


Hello all

I am from Barcelona, Spain, I am electronic/telecom engineer, and i have just closed my company. We designed emmergency phones for elevatros using land lines and cells lines, using M2M and webapps. I am looking for a new task to focus my time. I own an field for agricultural purposes with water.

I would like to know how to start. May be this question has been made before, but here i am.
I have technical skills and I am enthusistic with the project.

Some one near Barcelona involved in the project?

Besty regards




You can download all the item needed on the github ( https://github.com/OpenAgInitiative?page=2)
There is basic manual on how to build and how to get there,
the forum is pretty convenient to post your question in case you get stuck…
Depending on the time you have, you should get the first salad growing within a couple of weeks… This is an existing project trust me… You will never look at green stuff the same way.