I want to sell PFC in korea


hi, all

I live in korea

and i will build PFC v2.0 soon

There are so many people who want to build PFC in korea

but they are almost not a engineer

so if i suceed in building , i want to sell it some people by crowd funding

Can it be a problem of copyright or license things ?

Component purchase to build the PFC
OpenAG in South Korea

한국어로 댓글을 달려고 해도 될까요?
should I typing in korean?
저는 얼마전에 TED강의를 보고 회원가입을 했어요.
i just assigned after watch TED.

그래서 정보를 공유할 수 있는 사람이 필요해요.
so i want to share any information with me.

toastls93 it is my kakao talk id.