Ideal ppm for edible plants like lettuce?


We have been planning to build a food server that grows various types of plants for our school. We are having a little trouble finding the right ppm for the co2 meter. We have been looking at the COZIR Ambient 2/5/10K CO2 Sensor ( . Does have any suggestions for the ppm, a good CO2 sensor and what have been your personal expiriences with ppm and other CO2 sensors? Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Hi Sasha,
I think you will find a couple discussions on CO2 sensors and measurements in this forum. If you can’t, just let us know and someone will drop you a link to the appropriate section.
Good luck !


Hello Peperoni,
When asking our previous question we implied that we looked around the forum and have not found anything that could help us. It would be very much appreciated if you or someone else on this site would help us out.
Thank you very much!


@Sasha Here are links to the CO2 sensors that are referenced by MIT:

V1 CO2 Sensor

V2 CO2 Sensor


Hello Sasha, I’m very curious to hear more about your groups project! I am working to pull together helpful documentation for anyone interested in building a larger farm, here is my thread:

Food Server Forum

I hope that helps you guys out, and I can’t wait to hear more about your project!

Thank You,
Peter Webb.

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