"Images" path in device app not linked properly in UI, points to localhost:8088


Hello, we’re almost done with our PFC in London. We’re having a small issue with getting images to show up in the UI. The PFC is snapping photos and saving them properly in the appropriate folder, but it seems the device UI isn’t linked properly to that folder through the Django app.

See this line below:

It’s pointing to http://localhost:8088 + [image name], but accessing that with a laptop on the PFC’s wifi network will not work. I presume that works correctly if you’re viewing the UI in a browser directly on the Beaglebone, but we’re not. Furthermore, pointing to beaglebone.local/[image name] doesn’t work.

Where is the app serving the /images folder with all of the snapshots?

Method is building a Modular PFC in London

Hi Adrian,
Yes this is a know issue with viewing images from the Django UI on the device. We run an instance of busybox to serve the images for Django.

But the above only works if your phone / laptop are on the same wifi as the beaglebone. It won’t work through serveo.