Indoor Ag Job Opening, Software Developer



Heliponix is seeking a highly talented IoT software developer to join our team. This position will get the opportunity to build the roots of our company as we continue to grow into a hyper scalable IoT company.

Please email cover letters and resumes to

Mr. Harper informed me about this forum, and the pride that is taken for the hashtag #foodcomputer. As some of you may know, an article was published about my company titled, “Food Computer creator…”. Although I was not given the opportunity to review the article or title before its publication, I reached out to the press group and asked them to change the title in respect to this community.


I’d like to hear a bit more about your company.

It appears your open-source project is very similar to one that we developed last summer in St. Louis, MO:

I’m interested to hear more about your actual product. Will this developer be working on open-source software?



The position would primarily be focused on writing software for the GroPod, the rotary aeroponic appliance that we have sold, and is patent protected. Please email me if interested, and I can schedule an introductory conversation with my Co-Founder and CTO.

However, we plan to continue working with the department of state to build low cost hydroponic farms in Africa. We will not require relocation or travel to Africa, but you will be welcome to join us if we are selected to receive additional grants from US-Aid or the Department of State.