Input Sensor vs Output Control (Where is the output?)

I’m pretty far along in my build for the EDU version (with my own changes to the size), but am noticing that the sensors seem to give us great input data, but I’m not sure how we are actually controlling it without an output tools?

If someone could clarify the following list and point out pieces of information I’m missing, I think it would be greatly beneficial.

  1. CO2
  2. Temperature
  3. Humidity
  4. Water pH
  5. Water Temperature
  6. Water EC
  7. Camera
  8. Air stone

I would like to know how these sensors and devices are used to control the environment or if their purpose is simply to monitor (i.e. CO2 - sensor, monitor only)

Thank you in advance.
Anthony C.

In terms of JUST the PFC, you can control the lighting cycles, nutrient solutions (manually, although some have used pumps and nutrient solutions), and air stone activation. Changing nutrient solutions will lead to changes in pH and EC, and presumably CO2 offgassing, but part of the project is to characterize that. The others are there to simply monitor, and characterize plant cycles. Ideally you would be able to control ambient/water temperature too to improve production as well.

@feteru Sam, thank you for your reply. I think to get started I will use the basic tools and perhaps as I grow, I can implement more automation into the process, especially if certain plant characterizations have been worked out in the past. My next goal will be to look into nutrients and how to grow taller stockier plants like tomatoes in the system perhaps by using a thicker base for support.

Anthony C.