Installing FC 2 Application Code on RP 3 Model B


I’m attempting to install the FC 2 Raspberry Pi application code (ROS, Python, Brain, Couch Db, etc) globally on a RP 3 Model B using the instructions at Instead of running the script I ran each command in that script manually one at a time in a shell. Everything seemed to work ok. Here are my observations.

  1. I installed Raspbian Jessie Lite on a 32 G micro SD card.
  2. The ROS install part of this script assumes that it is being installed on Debian Jessie.
  3. The script uses git commands but doesn’t evidently install git. I had to run “sudo apt-get install git-core” before I could run the first git command that I encountered in the script.
  4. The script builds directories in the home directory of the logged on user. I ran the script as pi so everything was created in /home/pi

Everything seemed to install ok, but i haven’t validated anything yet. That is what I hope to do in the coming weeks.