Integrating data on a ZigBee to save on power consumption and aggregate more data


Japan has been doing tremendously lately by integrating data w/ hydroponic/vertical farming systems. A publication was released this May over integrating data on a mesh network, unlike wifi, to connect each data sensor node together. I wonder if you could apply that to Japan’s Granpa Dome, which grows and harvests food everyday.


Granpa Dome:


This looks amazing. There is so much to learn!

I’m hoping that once version 2.0 is out and we alll have our own PFCs, we can all start to harvest data as well as food which can then be shared and used by all to improve the system.

For me, energy consumption is the big question when considering the sustainability of all this.

I’m hoping to monitor how much energy we use for each crop and then to figure out how it might be possible to supply the PFC using only energy from renewable sources.


ZigBee is pretty cool. Super useful for scenarios where sensors have to run on batteries, since its lower power than WiFi. It would be interesting to experiment with networking sensor boxes this way on larger farms.