Interview with Agtech entrepreneur


Hi, I’m Murilo a agronomist from Brazil and lively with agtech and innovation. I’m developing a Brazilian Startup with 25k of users. We try to empower farmers with technical information. In 2017 i receive a scholarship from nuffield international to study how digital agriculture will help farmers. This study will be presente for Brazilians Farmers and agriculture leaders from Nuffield.
I will bem in New York and San Francisco in July. If any Agtech entrepreneur are available to have a coffee and share some insights I will be very happy to share my view and pay a good coffee.
All the best!


Here are two groups in those locations that I am aware of:

San Francisco Urban AgTech
New York Ag-TechX


Thanks for the heads up here @Webb.Peter!

@mubettarello, it would be great to meet you when you are here in NYC! We would love to have you stop by Agtech-x and learn more about what we are working on here and see some of the cool projects. Let me know! My email is

Also, you should definitely connect with @Wythe since he is doing similar research here in NYC


Thanks @Webb.Peter

Hi @mubettarello

Send me a message at adrian [at] . I’d be happy to meetup with you when you’re in SF!



Great @Webb.Peter Thanks for answer !


Great I send a e-mail to Agtech-X. Looking for to meet there. I will be on Brooklyn


Hi Murilo,

Nice to meet you! And thanks for the introduction, Dan. I am indeed
researching the culture of indoor farming for my dissertation at Harvard. I
would love to chat, if you have time.

I’m a cultural anthropologist of technology, so my focus is on who is
interested in controlled-environment agriculture. I’m happy to share
information and be in touch digitally. My email is Hope you’re having a great trip!