Introducing: GrowStrip by Grow Computer


Hello #NerdFarmers!!

I am excited to finally unveil Grow Computer and our first product, GrowStrip to this community.

This project was founded by @iancollmceachern and myself because we realized how challenging the PFC plans are to build, and wanted to make it easier for anyone to participate in the exciting world of digital agriculture.

Click for our Teaser Video

We built the GrowStrip to productize many of the exciting functions of the ‘brain’, yet in a much more affordable and accessible package. Right out of the box, with no tools or expensive setup required, anyone will be able to monitor, automate, collect data, and share their grows with those around the world.

We believe that growers should never have to touch a circuit board, molex connector, or soldering iron to start collecting smart data on their grows. With that, we built the system to be entirely Plug N Play, so all lights, pumps, fans, sensors and other peripherals plug directly into the GrowStrip, and instantly see the readings and have the ability to control the outlets.

Since this is a hacker community, we are excited to announce that our entire software platform will have Open-Source APIs so anyone can build and share their own software for our ecosystem, and I am sure someone will be able to connect the OpenAg software eventually. I can only imagine what else you guys are going to be able to build.

We just launched the product on IndieGoGo on Wednesday, and hope that some of you guys here will be able to support our campaign. Since this community was so influential to our history, I would like to offer everyone here access to our SECRET PERK for an extra $50 off our already low price, which includes a temperature sensor, and IR capable camera.

Special Access to the SECRET PERK for GrowStrip

Thank you for your help here, and I look forward to growing with this great community


Co-Founder & CEO

Where can I get/purchase a Food Computer for software development?

I’m excited to see how growers, especially educators, use this open-source platform to capture and share more data about indoor ag. I hope to see beta testers use GrowStrip in different ways—for hydroponics, aquaponics, teaching software + bio together, comparing PFC builds, maybe even for brewing.

Given that this is a young company, the MIT Open Ag community can also play a critical role in guiding Grow Computer’s vision. For instance, what sensors should Grow Computer focus on developing next?


I couldn’t be more excited to see what everyone does with their Grow Strip!!


I really like the concept behind this potential product. It’s awesome that it has a full raspberry pi in it! Is it a Pi 3? What are the amperage limitations on the 110V outlets?


Thank you!! It does - it’s a full Pi 3. The GrowStrip can support up to 1500w total across the outlets with each outlet being able to support up to 10 amps.


So is the max number of sensors is 4 because the pi has 4 USB ports?


We offer an USB expander in the box if you run out of slots which can expand the amount of ports open! Also, future versions of the GrowStrip will have 8 USB ports. this is going to be important for us as we are planning many other sensors, such as: air, water, aquaculture, soil, biological, light and other sorts of imagining