Introducing: the Agtech Archive


the Agtech Archive

Hey guys, over the last year, i have been working through trying to learn and understand the world of Agtech, food and global sustainability, and have learned a ton, and read even more.

Through my journey, I have been curating and compiling some of the best articles, points of views, videos, studies, infographics and everything else i have found related to this amazing space. It is just a highly curated dump of content, but i feel like it may be really helpful to those here that are interested in learning more, or seeing a global perspective. I havent seen anything else out there like it, but I want to share it with the community here. Hopefully you guys get some value from it!!

Best of all, its 100% free!!!

Check it out:




This is honestly an incredible resource. Anyone interested in getting a wide perspective of this industry from food computers to urban farming and even the incredible world of open field agtech should definitely check this out.