Is food computing is hydroponic farming?


Can we call food computing a hydroponic farming ? we have a farm in India we like to make food computing in India we have a team of technician to make it. Can you pls help us to make it?


HI Nevinkji,

Yes, the OpenAg group’s FC is a hydroponic based grow unit. If you have access to arable land then your needs may lead you in a different direction. I think the OpenAg’s design criteria for their stuff probably assumes the absence of traditional arable land and an unpredictable and uncontrollable environment on that land. For example you may wish to build a controlled environment green house on top of your land. I personally don’t have land because I live in a city. So I built a food computer that operates in my basement.



I also living in a city can you suggest what else we need to build food computing in my house can you pls help us to make it . Is it a small can only grow one vegetable in it? or we can grow different variety of vegetables in one cube is it like a greenhouse ? :slight_smile:


Everything you need to know can be found here:


The food Computer being developed right now is a tabletop sized. you can grow different varieties simultaneously but make sure they need same or almost similar nutrient mix i.e. Climate recipe. For large sized Food Computer (Yet to be developed) go check here


I understand that many people are space challenged, especially living in apartments and large buildings. But you don’t need expensive computer equipment, sensors, and programs to make growing in small spaces productive. In fact most of it is just unnecessary and makes growing hydroponically anything but cost effective. I realize for the people who design and build food computers money isn’t an issue, and it’s not really about growing the plants, it’s really about the fun of the challenge of building the automation systems and figuring out the computer programs. But just wanted to add that for those that might want too grow plants hydroponically (even in in small spaces), you can grow your plants “low tech” and be far more cost effective and productive.