Is PFc v1 still viable?



We chose to build pfc v1 units because the documentation is more mature but now I see the brain discussions talk mostly about v2. Does the openag_brain code work on pfc1 still? Does it require extra configuration?

Thank you!!


Here’s a thread from last fall where Gordon and some other folks were discussing how to get the new software running on old hardware: Hackers needed: help run 2.0 software on 1.0 HW

It looks like they had some moderate success, but the activity dried up in November. So much has changed recently with the PFC2 software that I’d be surprised if the old stuff still works. I might be wrong though.

@gordonb, any thoughts on this?


I’m actually planning on working on PFC1 with the new software but I might replace the Pi2 with a Pi3.

Depends on the definition of viable but the old PFC1 software should still work on PFC1.


Where does one find the old software?

I think I have the new V2 software running. I need to get my fixtures set up with the PFC1 sensors, actuators, etc.


There’s a couple firmware modules missing from the PFC1 fixture I think, you’d need to implement those.

I’ve never used to old software so I’m not sure which one it is but I think anything that begins with gro- is old stuff


COOL! Thank you @spaghet! That helped.

I’m knee deep into PFC1 and the V2 software so I might give that focus for a bit more before falling back to the gro-controller software. For those of you playing at home here are all of the PFC1 software repos I could find:

Does anyone have a fixture.yaml file for PFC1? With the existing firmware modules. I’m happy to contribute the remaining missing modules once I get a handle on what’s missing and what’s done.