Is there a way to integrate Greenhouse and Food computers


Hi everyone,

I am new here and currently building my $300 mvp food computer.
I have a question.
Is there anyway , with which we can integrate greenhouse technology and food computers?

I am just being curious…



It sounds like you need a general introduction to hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture. I suggest reading some of the stuff that’s linked in this post: Technical books, publications, and links on hydroponics & CEA


@rajpradnya great question!

The answer is yes! In fact we’ve already done it in St. Louis.

We are monitoring an aquaponic greenhouse at St. Louis Science Center. We’ve already added water temperature, pH, and CO2 to the basic software stack. Right now we don’t have it controlling actuation of any vents/heating and it only functions as a data logger.

Let me know what you’re thinking, you might light this thread too: Tomato home Greenhouse


Thank you for your reply.
I am from India and I would like to learn this technology and pass it on in our Indian farmers community. There is a great need of such agricultural technology in India. :slight_smile: