Just use low voltage power supply to drive a PFC?


Raspberry Pi use 5V
Arduino use 7.5V ~ 12V input step down to 5V
LED lights can only need ~ 3V per unit connected to drive by 12V
air fan, air pump, water pumps can use 12V also
heater, chillers need more power may just leave them to drive by AC from wall outlet.

I tried a cut down version of PFC: water temp ,air temp,air humi, one 12v LED strip, one 80MM computer fan, USB webcam ,4 channel relay, A KB,Mouse, monitor for setup the pi. A 12V 5A output power supply (with a 12V stepdown to 5V 2A power module) give out to other area to do the job.

I had no 12V power to use. so I tried to use a smallformfactor, 200W computer power supply. I direct use the 12V and 5V output from it. for another set of Pi, Arduino, all sensors, 16 channels relay broad. They were work well, I am going to build a chamber will have LED lighting strip , water pumps ,air fans,

I will check the currents taken by each device , while all the components goto work together, very soon. Then I will know how large I needed for power supply I really needed .

OK long story stop,
What if a project can be run with low voltage,
–Small group work together to build the kit and no need to worry about the electrical shock
–More safe even for age of ten;
–If it can powered by a 12V car battery it can work alone without power form wall outlet.
–for trouble shooting state ones can bring it anywhere (home/office/lab)

OK short story stop.
Were anyone building a low voltage version of PFC?