Lessons that could be taken outdoors


Hi… I am from Nepal and part of hackproject.org We have been looking into extreme affordability problems. For a friend we started looking into making greenhouse on the cheap. Our learnings are in https://medium.com/@pravenj/a-bucket-a-day-a-hack-in-agriculture-8b8176b7d285#.6mwa88nej
I am working towards a cheap outdoor greenhouse that would be a poor man’s version of your food computer. So could I get some tips of learnings and lessons that you have gathered that could be taken from your effort to an outdoor setup.


I love this idea! Raspberry Pi and Arduino are low-cost enough that you can start to get basic precision ag stuff working, even at very low price points. Keep in touch!


HI Pravenj. I am not an expert at all, but since you seem to have a large kitchen around you might want to consider using their waste and create a compost pile in your polyhouse. This would probably generate the CO2 you are looking for and eventually it provides compost to improve the soil as well.
I believe this was a practise that farmers used before chemical fertilizers were available.


We have started basic monitoring of temperature, humidity and soil moisture with raspberry pi and arduino. We would love to extend that a bit more to provide more semi-automated facilities that will allow small farmers to grow more. Do suggest items we might include or concepts we could try on this. Thank you.


Thank you for the concept on CO2. It completely slipped our thoughts even after seeing it being done in a remote field.
One thing though, our idea to to test here and then make design and everything available to rural areas. Though our kitchen is big, we have to look at it from a rural area point of view. Waste is not problem in most areas though. Right now compost is made in a separate area that the greenhouse. We will have to ask them to bring it within. Most villages use compost for their vegetable gardens, so that is not a problem. The problem is with monitoring the level of digestion of the compost itself. Thank you again.


Compost digestion level monitoring is also bit of a problem, that is talked about in this article of hackproject.org https://medium.com/@pravenj/compost-digestion-monitoring-a-challenge-for-kale-d67d88226242#.vx0m8w23x
We are hoping to reuse the raspberry pi that is available in the greenhouse for that purpose too.