Lets talk plants :)


Hi all,

Its a lot of fun building your vary own Nerd Farming Food computer :slight_smile: But what about the food we produce?

I am making my Food computer a bit larger and it will have 21 grow spots.
Ok thats kind of cool. I can grow 21 heads of salad in one go :slight_smile:

Barrage of questions :slight_smile:
Consuming the crops before it goes bad is what I am concerned about?
How to store different produce so that it is good to eat?
Can I mix up what I grow in one cycle? Or could I grow 6 tomato plants, 6 bell-peppers and 9 lettuce heads?

And at the end how can I create a rotation that will produce food so I do not run out or do not need to waste because it spoils.

Also what of root vegetables? Carrots, potatoes? Maybe another type of Food computer is needed for these?

What can I grow for protein? Beans?


Some root veggies work, some dont. I believe carrots cannot be grown in a water or vapor medium and need a phyiscal item to push against (perlite and vermiculite). I believe @rcamille said she did radishes.

Things like Beans just take up a too much space for me.

You can plant as many items together that will like your growing recipe. I have harvested 3 different types in the first crop, but decided to do all of one type in the second crop. My third crop will be baby bok choy.


FYI, I’ve been using fertilizers from here with good succes (at lease in the 2 crops I’ve planted).

I know not to use anything that is not water soluble…you think it would be obvious but you should have seen the mess I made!


For protein you could also try eggplants!

Heads up: 21 grow spots doesn’t necessarily mean 21 mature heads of lettuce will fit in there at the same time - what’s your spacing like? Might want to rotate seedlings on one side, more mature plants on the other, spaced out in a way that the more mature plants don’t block light to the younger shorter plants.

You can do tomatos, bell peppers, and lettuce at the same time. The tomatos and bell peppers will take longer though, so you might get 2 rounds of lettuce in before you get fruit.

I haven’t tried root vegetables other than radish, though radishes work GREAT! I’ve been curious to try potatos though.

My hunch is you can grow anything with a little bit of hacking on the plant support system (i.e. stringing up tomato branches so it doesnt fall) and maybe swithing out the growing substrate (maybe root vegetables would work better in a hydroponic system that uses expanded clay pebbles instead of the floating pink tray).

Curious to hear what you try out!


Spacing is similar to the Food compute V1.0. With 12cm between spots. Wonder if that is enough. Seems a bit tight.

You do a sort of rotation in your food computer? For example start with 1/3 salad and after few weeks add another 1/3 and again after two weeks 1/3. So you get harvest every two weeks?

Eggplant… Not my favourite but will put it to the todo list :slight_smile:


@silversson try Asian Eggplant. I found it less ‘seedy’ than Italian.