Limit on adding pics for new users


Hi :slight_smile:

So I made my first diary post and got few challenges :slight_smile:
I could only put up one picture. As build diaries go there usually is a need to upload some amount of pics.
Also the Akismet spam master has hid the post. Well I guess thats ok but would like to have a bit more freedom on the pics part.



Oh and a great forum :smile:


Hmm, I’ll dig around in the settings and see if I can change this.


@silversson Ok, upped the number of images new users can post to 5. Let’s try that and see if it works.


Works perfectly now. Thanks @gordonb


@gordonb can you also allow .GRO files. Would be great to share recipes.


@Rckco Good idea! I added .gro files to the list of allowed file types. It should work now.


@gordonb another request…pdf’s would be great to upload too!


@Rckco another good idea. Enabled .pdf too.

This forum software seems to have an endless number of configuration toggles, so I’m appreciating everyone’s help in suggesting the things we should toggle on.