Looking for g-code or dxf files for CNC


I want to mill the parts for a friend on my CNC table - does anyone already have the g-code, or a dxf file of the sheet good parts?




You can sign up for AutoCAD fusion 360 for free and I believe it can generate those for you from the STEP file available on GitHub.


Thank you - I will give that a try. I normally use Vectric Aspire for all my tool path generation - - but could not get any of the files to load correctly in that program. I will give 360 a try.


Update - - finally got it to upload on the 10th attempt…something weird was going on with the step file.

I tried uploading the step file into Fusion 360 (a bunch of times - re-downloaded, got a copy from my friend) it eventually fails the upload process.

Has anyone else had luck importing the .step file into Fusion 360?




I’ve got you covered! In the CAD it appears that there is a different material used for the front panels versus the side and back and window (Acryllic versus Polycarbonate), so I have them lumped together (and the front window too and foam tray file) with the sizes of sheets I was using.



Thank you for the info - - your link tries to sign me in as you to Google Drive :wink: - - can you attach a zip file or something?


That’s bizzare :confused:
I can’t attach zips directly, so I gave dropbox a shot:

Hope this helps you and anybody looking to machine these parts!


The Direct Download option worked.

Thank you


These open just fine in Aspire - now I need to verify dimensions with my friend (I can always scale or or down).

Thanks again.


My pleasure. Let me know if the parts come out alright on the machine, since I wasn’t ever able to use them myself (the machine I was going to use was not available unfortunately). So I ended up machining them by hand with a tablesaw, router, and drill bits.


My friend came over today - and I generated some test g-code using Vectric Aspire. Ran some test cuts on some scrap wood using a 1/8" double-flute straight bit. Worked great with the exception of the hex bolt holes did not get drilled out to proper diameter - will work on that.

She has the Poly-carbonate, acrylic, foam and giant sheet of thick PVC - - however there was no file for PVC in your zip - it looks like a pretty straight forward cutout - and then appears we should just drill holes based on the metal bracket material being used and use the hole spacing in the metal as a template drill guide (does this sound about right?)

Thanks again for the files - if anyone is interested in the g-code (generated for Mach-3), I will make it available once I tweak things to make sure everything lines up.


That’s exactly what I did. As for the holes in the CAD, you may want to drill those manually since the frame might now come out exactly square. If you’d like, I have some diagrams I made in Fusion360 that I posted on my build log (it will be linked on my profile) that gives the dimensions and major hole locations for the PVC (the scaling is weird since I was unfamiliar with the software but it should work). Can I ask what size PVC you’re using? I bought a 4’x8’ sheet so I could use half and still have enough scraps for standoffs and to test tooling. Funnily enough I realized I have enough PVC left over for a whole new build!


She got a 4’x8’ sheet - looks to be at least 1/2 inch thick (did not measure it yet) - - it came packaged between 2 1/4" 4x8 sheets of OSB - so I now have some practice material :wink:


On the file you posted earlier - (cuts and flats) - in the Poly cuts file - it opens and appears to be 3 separate pieces - but the top one opens as part of the sheet outline - so not sure if there are 3 components or just 2 and the top one is an artifact (it is just basically a square 30.3 x 19.5)


There are three pieces, but since the 30.3x19.5 is just a square, I never included it in the CAD (since you can cut it and then sand the edges). It will show up on the solidworks assembly that they have, but I figured a rectangle would just be a bit easier if you wanted to do it by hand (I ended up using a tablesaw, 3/8 in dill bit, router, and some sandpaper to make all the parts).


Great - thanks. I have a full woodworking shop - but plastic is not as forgiving :wink: Don;t want to mess up her build…


Is there a schematic somewhere that shows the PVC layout (with hole locations and diameters, etc) - - I still get weird results when I open the step files from github


Ended up downloading eDrawings - loading SLDPRT files and then using measurement tool to get overall dimensions and location and diameter of holes, and then transferring that information into Aspire and building individual vector based parts - - take a little time but seems to work just fine.