Looking to buy OpenAg Signal Board v1.1 immediately, can't wait 4 weeks


Our current board has issues and need one immediately for presentation. Will buy your board ( OpenAg Signal Board v1.1) and pay using paypal, will pay all shipping etc.

Send me a text if possible 407-963-3398


What’s the presentation? Do you have a PFC up and running already? I may be able to help. Please post pics of your build.


Sorry Peter got caught up in things last night. Can you call me on the above number?


I’ve got one I’ll lend you. Where should I ship it? When do you need it?


What problems are you having with the board?


Thanks you everyone for being so available. I am helping a company bring up a PFC and hard to trouble shoot froma distance so if I had the board that would help.

I think I solved most of their problems, main one was the PH sensor you could not get it out of UART mode into I2C and that would shut down all of the I2C sensors. Problem was the sensor was soldered in place. I got them to unsolder sensor board and use the serial method to set it as an I2C interface.

Most things are working now.

I did see the Arduino resets itself if you stop processing for more than 8-10 seconds. It acts like it has a watchdog timer in it but I can not find it in the code. any ideas?

Thanks again. Don’t need to borrow anything at this point.