Makers in Maryland or the US Mid-Atlantic Region?


Hi all!

I’m building a Food Computer in Baltimore, MD and would love to hear from or meet up with anyone building a Food Computer nearby!

I just finished building (and am starting to work with) the Food Computer v1.1, and I will be building a v2.0 to teach a high school class in a few weeks. I’d love to hear any feedback from makers in the Mid-Atlantic region!


Hi Melanie,
I am in Springfield, VA and am looking to build a PFC v2.0. I have downloaded the Build of Materials (BOM) and started pricing it out at a line item level. Four days ago they posted an update the BOM v2.0.0-beta2, but they still have a ways to go to finalize the build items. Currently, the beta v2 BOM is totaling around $3,000. This cost will go down as they move to a finalized BOM.

Anyway, I would be happy to share notes and resources. It is not difficult for me to get up to Baltimore. I would love to hear about your efforts on your Food Computer v1.1.

Lyall Vanatta


Hey guys,

I am in Gaithersburg, MD and am looking to build a PFC v2.0 in the near future. I am just getting started over here, but I would love to hear about how you guys are doing. I was considering opening up the possibility of using the PFC as a learning opportunity to a Montessori I had worked at previously in my area. It is just an idea I had played with earlier, however. I haven’t given it too much thought.


Great–thanks, guys!

I’d love to meet up or share more about build processes, Food Computer utility, materials/tools, etc. I plan to build a v2.0 either within the next month or in the summer (pending material listings and funding opportunities for materials). Do either of you have a schedule for when you want to finish your Food Computers?

@aristocatt: I’m going to teach a high school biotechnology class with Food Computers starting next week, so I’d be happy to share and potentially collaborate on some sort of class cirruculum if you’re interested!


Hey all,

Currently assembling materials for a PFC 2.0 here in Arlington, VA. Does anyone know where in the area we can get the acrylic sheets and sheet metal milled? It seems like the TechShop ( would be a good bet but you need to have a membership to use the CnC machine.


I’m not sure about places in DC/VA, but I did my machining at The Foundery in Baltimore, MD ( if that helps? They offer day passes for non-members who are “certified” to use the machinery, although the drive up might not make this a convenient option.


Hi all! I currently live in Columbia, MD and am just getting started on my PFC! @Ivanatta, I’ve just made the same discovery you have…yikes! Anyways, I’d love to connect, learn about what you are all up, and perhaps work on a food computer together! Cheers :slight_smile:


@melanieshimano and everyone else.

I live in the Southeast Baltimore County and I have been wanting to put together a PFC. I want to connect and find out more about what your doing and how we could help each other. I want to see how I can make improvements to the software, that being my background. But I want to build a PFC to learn all the aspects.

Matthew Ward


To add: I work in Baltimore and live on a farm in Harford county where I’m working on automated grow systems on a slightly larger scale than pfc. I am really interested in the project though and would be happy to contribute technically if you need help.


Great to hear from more Marylanders @kelseykruuuse @wardmatthew @justuseapen ! I’m finishing up the school year with our pilot Food Computer class and would love to set up a potential meeting to see what everyone is up to with their Food Computers–would you guys have time for something like this in the next few weeks?


Yes! I’m usually flexible after 330 in the after noon. Also, my office frequently hosts tech meetups (see elixir) if canton is convenient for any of you.


Thanks, @justuseapen ! I can get to Canton easily for a meetup—what about @kelseykruuuse and @wardmatthew and anyone else who’s intereted?


Yes! Canton works great! I think it’d be great to get together. I’m usually free after 5:45pm on the weekdays


I would love to meet and Canton is about a 10 minute drive from my house. I travel about 80% for work so it’s hard for me to pin down what state I’m in. Literal state, like I was in NYC this week already. Next week I’m in NC.

With all of that being said, if we plan a couple weeks out I can fit it into my schedule. I’m excited to meet people that are as interest in this stuff as I am.


Excellent! Are you all available during the last week of June/first week of July?