Making food computers in Omaha, Nebraska


Several people from the Omaha area have come together to make personal food computers. We are making one for a local university so they can do plant research, and another two for a local education organization. We have also met with many organizations in the Omaha area who are interested in becoming a participant at some point (either as a user of the computers, or as a maker).

This has been a very fun experience, and I would like to say thank you to Mr. Harper and the OpenAg initiative for opening up the project.

We also have a website:


Will be travelling from Belgium next week and visit Omaha.
Timing is a bit short this time, but I should come back from time to time.
Will contact you then to get together around a coffee or something.


we should indeed get together


That is terrific. I think we can definitely meet.

Kiran is one of the main people helping put together a food computer.

We should get lunch, and if you have some time we can give you a tour of some of the great facilities/communities we have in Omaha around making things.

Please if you have a moment, post a message on our Google Group about your upcoming visit:!forum/omaha-food-computer-initative


I will do that
We keep each other posted



Hi. Are you in Omaha? Please call or email me. You can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn. (Biagio Arobba)