Manufacturing Q&A for PFC 3.0


@bill-atx @Poitrast This is is a better topic for discussing the hardware. Thanks.

PFC 3.0 BOM not complete? (according to Eagle file)
Meet "PFC_EDU," the new PFC v3.0

Thanks for this @rbaynes
I have been studying the schematic and board layout and I think I have most of it worked out but I still have a few questions.

What should the values be for R13, R14, R48 and R49?
What is T3 and T4?
Do you have a part number for U4? I browsed a bit but only found through hole, no surface mount options.
Do you have a part number for U5 & U6?



Also, why are there two temp and co2 sensors?


@Poitrast to help

The double up on sensors is for redundancy and for testing while we figure out which is best :slight_smile:


Thanks to the entire OpenAg Team for this!!! I have been digging into the files and have a few questions:

  • What is the Component for T3 and T4 on the board? I can’t find this info in the eagle or BOM files
  • The Solidworks Assembly is “blown up” when I open it. The parts are just everywhere in space. Has anyone been able to open the Top Level Solidworks Native assembly with success?
  • As Geosgaen0 Pointed out, it would be awesome to have a BOM that ties to the component names on the PCB.

Thanks again!!!


This thread got really quiet. Does anyone have updates about progress with ordering boards?

I’m curious how the BOM and assembly quote prices might change with the next round of US import tariffs that’s scheduled for January 1.