Manufacturing Q&A for PFC 3.0


@bill-atx @Poitrast This is is a better topic for discussing the hardware. Thanks.


Thanks for this @rbaynes
I have been studying the schematic and board layout and I think I have most of it worked out but I still have a few questions.

What should the values be for R13, R14, R48 and R49?
What is T3 and T4?
Do you have a part number for U4? I browsed a bit but only found through hole, no surface mount options.
Do you have a part number for U5 & U6?



Also, why are there two temp and co2 sensors?


@Poitrast to help

The double up on sensors is for redundancy and for testing while we figure out which is best :slight_smile:


Thanks to the entire OpenAg Team for this!!! I have been digging into the files and have a few questions:

  • What is the Component for T3 and T4 on the board? I can’t find this info in the eagle or BOM files
  • The Solidworks Assembly is “blown up” when I open it. The parts are just everywhere in space. Has anyone been able to open the Top Level Solidworks Native assembly with success?
  • As Geosgaen0 Pointed out, it would be awesome to have a BOM that ties to the component names on the PCB.

Thanks again!!!