Mechanical BOM for V4 and Reservoir question


I’ve cloned the openAG Mechanical Github project and looked in the V4 folder to try to wrap my head around it. Everything makes sense except the last two materials listed in the pfc_edu_bom.csv file:

-1/16" x 2’ x 2’ PETG plastic
-1/4" x 2’ x 2’ acrylic

I’ve reviewed pfc_edu_assembly_instructions.pdf and mapped all the parts drawn out in all_parts.SLDDRW cutout file, but no where in any of the documents or files I’ve found suggests what the two parts I listed above are used for. Does anyone know?

I’m also a bit confused about how to build the reservoir. The pfc_edu_assembly_instructions.pdf file in Step 2 shows a plastic reservoir that looks to be vacuum formed. But I couldn’t find any instructions how to build it. I’m also confused about the reservoir01 and reservoir02 folder. Where do these parts go in the assembly process, and which materials from the BOM are used to cut them out from?



I have exactly the same doubts about reservoir. I’m looking all the procedures to build a new PFC_EDU 3.0 and this is the part where I have more doubts. Can anyone give us some advice about this?