Meet "PFC_EDU," the new PFC v3.0


Here are a couple links to PFC_EDU v3.0 pdfs that are on the wiki. I’m calling attention to these here because they’re easy to overlook–I just noticed them today. The pictures in these pdfs are good for understanding how the new system works.

  1. This one has assembly instructions:
  1. This one is about the cloud UI:

Do PFC's work as intended?

Is the kit available now, if not is there anyone manufacturing the pcb?


@Sidhant I don’t have any more information than what you can see here this thread and in the Manufacturing Q&A for PFC 3.0 thread. As far as I know, no one besides the OpenAg team at MIT has made circuit board assemblies yet.


Do they sell the Kit though ?


This is a community forum that’s gathered around a research project. A lot of the interesting questions here cannot be reduced down to a one word answer. Many people are involved in working on different projects and business activities. Some of those activities are discussed here, and some additional information is available on other sites that you can find by following links here. For other things, you would need to talk to the people who are directly involved. It’s possible someone is selling kits or may be selling them soon, but I haven’t heard about it.

The overall situation here is very different from a retail store. Building a food computer is a time intensive project that will require a lot of reading, troubleshooting, and navigating of unclear, fluid situations. If you don’t have time for such things, my advice is to check back in six months or a year. By then, perhaps a more retail-like option will be available. For now, if you read the threads I mentioned, you will find many resources to hep with ordering enclosure parts, circuit board assemblies, and other necessary parts.


No kits or PCB boards yet, sorry.
We are still hoping someone will fill that void - it won’t be done by the OpenAg team.
As @wsnook correctly states, we are a research team and that is our focus.
We are also still refining & improving the PFC v3.0 design.


tagging @tim and @Poitrast on the team here, in case they can help.
cheers and happy new year, ian!


Dear @NerdFarmers,

I’m KgwangHee Han, my team(ByungDeock, SeoungJoon,Semin) started to makes new version of PFC in South Korea. I think PFC v3.0 is familiar with MakerSpace and their machines.

We are try new frame(Polycabornate) and new design which we are modeling in now. We cut Polycarbonate(8T) using CNC machines. My team woul install our recent PCB prototype on this model.(Raspberry PI + Atmega2560)

I like PFC v3.0’s assemble design, but we are not agree using Beagle bone, We would develop more Raspberry PI + Arduino(Atmega2560) Combinations.

I would share more information and our recent developments : )

Thank You.


Wow! That looks great, KgwangHee.