Meetings in Zurich, Switzerland


A meeting in Zurich has been proposed on Meetup by @ricardopereira :

I’ve sent an email to the Zurich CCC list to see if the Hackerspace might host it

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Next Zurich meeting this week

The venue for this meeting has been confirmed, thanks to Marie-Claire at Project 21 for organizing this at ETH Zentrum, just a few minutes walk from Zurich HB.

I’ve posted a new blog promoting the meeting


We have at least 12 people coming to our first Zurich meeting (either confirmed through meetup or personal communication)

@Caleb @rbaynes would anybody from the OpenAg team at MIT like to try and join us remotely through Jitsi Meet browser-based video conferencing?

Can anybody share any ideas for things to cover in the meeting?


We are lucky to have three organizations making contributions to the meeting budget and facilities now, they are Project 21, the Debian Project and the Free Software Foundation Europe. We will have some refreshments and gifts from the sponsors at the meeting.


Woah! Super cool!
What time is this (including timezone?) I think one of us can definitely make it.


We advertised 18:30 CEST on the Meetup page

CEST is UTC+2, so I think it is 12:30 (lunchtime) for people on the US east coast


We have a team meeting at that time, but we might be able to show up an hour late, or better yet everyone joins the call!


It is an open meeting, so we’d be quite happy to have everybody join, would you want to try that during the last 15 minutes of your meeting perhaps?


@spaghet - maybe it would be better to have a call at the beginning of our meetings, so we can all go around the room and do introductions together?


We unfortunately have a meeting that starts at the same time as your meetup…
It usually ends some time before your meetup ends which is why I suggested we show up sometime midway through, but I can’t make any guarentees…


@spaghet thanks for the feedback. @Anisa (from Tirana) has come to Zurich for our meeting, she will be monitoring this Jitsi Meet session and if you can join, we will try to bring you up on our projector.

We have tested Jitsi Meet a few times with Chromium, Chrome and Firefox. It currently appears to work slightly better with Chromium/Chrome browsers. No account or login is required, you just navigate to the same URL as us and you should see us and we see you.


Hi I’m Timon

I’m also attending at the current meeting.


:frowning: I’m terribly sorry the meeting went longer and we missed it…


Hi there :seedling::slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for coming to the first meeting. I will organize the next meeting soon and inform you about the date/room. Looking forward to meeting all of you again!


Very excited to hear the outcome of your discussions, I thought I had posted this earlier this morning but just saw it still saved as a draft…

I would be curious to know from a design point of view your thoughts on the V2 PFC, have any of you attempted to build it?

What would a “chapter” in Zurich be focused around? I tried to outline the Rights Roles & Responsibilities of a chapter here, but I have a strong bias as I have not been outside of the United States.


There were 18 people who attended.

Two main outcomes from the meeting

  1. everybody is encouraged to join the main OpenAg online forum. Please post a message introducing yourself in the topic “Where are you building your food computer?”. Please mention your country, city and any skills/experience you may be able to contribute in that post so we can all understand the potential skills and gaps in the local region.
  2. a further meeting will be held around the beginning of September and announced in both the OpenAg online forum and the existing Meetup group. We will communicate with the forum administrators (@caleb @rbaynes ?) about using their tools for announcing meetings and maintaining a wiki page.

For any outstanding questions or suggestions from the meeting, members are encouraged to ask in the forum (instead of Meetup) as well. This will increase discussion with the global community.

Thanks again to the sponsors, Project 21, the Debian Project and the Free Software Foundation of Europe.

  1. Meeting in Zurich:
    Thursday, 21. September 2017, 18:30 (6:30 p.m. CEST)
    ETH Zürich HG, Rämistrasse 101, E 22


Summary of the second meeting


Hi Marie-Claire
when do you plan the next meeting in Zurich? Thanks


@mv24 there is no Zurich meeting scheduled yet but there is a plan to have a discussion about the project at RHL’18 in Saint-Cergue, see that thread on the forum for details.