Meetings in Zurich, Switzerland


@mv24 there is no Zurich meeting scheduled yet but there is a plan to have a discussion about the project at RHL’18 in Saint-Cergue, see that thread on the forum for details.


If there is interested in a meeting in Zurich I can organise one after the 11th January.


Hi Marie-Claire. I would be interested in meeting in Zurich after the 11th. Let me know if there is an interest.


Great! I will organise one for the end of January (all details after the 11.1)! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Here is a report from our second Zurich meeting on 21 September 2017

An agenda was agreed at the start of the meeting:

First meeting follow up, the following were discussed: finances, social activities, where to build, where to operate

Organizing meetings:

  • we noticed less people at the second meeting
  • this appears to be a common situation when something is promoted on Meetup and social media
  • how to make better use of Discourse for organizing meetings (@Webb.Peter ? @Toasterson to follow up)
  • Discourse iCalendar plugin would be cool (see our current Outreachy project)
  • Daniel to send Grical details to Marie-Claire (done)


  • Til mentioned the $300 food computer and 3D printing some of the parts
  • Marie-Claire has had communication with Peter Webb and Sarah about other groups, mentioned Slack and other communications tools
  • Anisa did a presentation and showed the video to classmates, interest in the Open Labs hackerspace in Tirana


  • Anisa and Marie-Claire interested in Outreachy
  • Til and Timon: building a $300 food computer, finding a place for building it
  • Marie-Claire: MIT visit
  • giving a talk or workshop somewhere? (Daniel will give a talk at RHL’18) in Saint-Cergue, Switzerland
  • having a booth at events, 34C4, etc
  • Anisa and Kristi: Open Labs workshop on the topic


Doodle for the Januar meeting:
@DanB & @mv24


Hi there

Simon @seybling and I are going to build a Food Computer in Switzerland and we are looking forward to join the Meeting to get more insights about the coming challenges of building the Food Computer with limited Knowhow in engineering an coding. :smiley:

Thanks for the organisation @Marie-Claire
Simon & Luca


Hi Marie-Claire,
I would like to join the Januar meeting.
But it’s complicated for me to travel to Zurich on the proposed dates.
Can I join you remotely from the Hackerspace Lausanne (FIXME) with video conferencing?

:man_farmer: Beat


Sure! I will post the date soon.


NEXT MEETING IN ZURICH: TUESDAY, JANUARY 30th, 7 pm CET at ETHZ Center, Rämistrasse 101 (room confirmation is following soon)

Looking forward to meeting you soon & if you would like to join virtually let me know.



@Marie-Claire I think that @thiemehennis and AstroPlant team may be interested in this as well. His team is working with the European Space Agency, and those of you working on food computers (especially the $300 food computer) will find a lot of overlap in projects.


we have a Swiss team member - will forward it to him!


Hello everyone,

Thank you @Marie-Claire Marie-Claire for organizing the meeting.

Since there are other people beside me who want to join the meeting virtually I proposed we use Jitsi. I can create a link before the meeting and share it in this thread so whoever wants to, can easily join the meeting.

For those who haven’t heard about it:
You can use Jitsi Meet at any time to test it. Nobody needs to create
an account or anything.
You just create an arbitrary URL and give it to everybody who wants to
As long as everybody uses the same link you will all see each other.

Kind greetings,
Anisa :slight_smile:


We will share a Jitsi Meet link & looking forward to meeting you virtually!


looking forward to the meeting !


Hello everyone,

I just created a link that we can use during the meeting.
You just need to click HERE and you will automatically connect to the video call.
The video call will start at 19:00.
If there are other people that might be interested to join please share the link with them.

Looking forward to the meeting,

See you all soon. :slight_smile:


My friend @Andrea1 is also joining virtually, he is new at the community but very interested in the projects.
He studies Plant Medicine and has really good agricultural knowledge.


Could be a cool opportunity for us:
#Open Food Data Hackdays
The future of food concerns us all: developers and designers, farmers, nutritionists, cooks - and you! That’s why we bring all kinds of talents interested in food & innovation together at the Open Food Data Hackdays. Join a vibrant community to engage in prototyping data-driven solutions to make our food system more transparent, efficient and fair - based on open food data.
Does anybody know some of this ppl?


As well this one:
#Hack Against Hunger!
At WSIS Forum from 17-19th of March, #HackAgainstHunger provides participants with a kick-ass Hackathon event! This is the place to develop your ideas into solutions, in collaboration with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It’s a chance to ideate, develop & prototype your ideas at the heart of International Geneva, Switzerland, collaborate with like-minded teams and projects and connect with Geneva’s United Nations ecosystem!
Let me know if you are interested! :slight_smile:


TOMORROW (Tuesday, January 30th):
7 pm CET at ETHZ Center, Rämistrasse 101, Room F 33.5 (F = Floor F)
If you can not find the room, let me know (079 218 63 00,

If you participate online, use this link:

Looking forward to meet & see you soon!