Meetup - AgLanta Conference (2017 & 2018)


I’m headed to Atlanta for the Aglanta conference on Controlled Environment Agriculture this Sunday 2/19. Is anyone in the Open Ag community headed there as well? Would love to meetup and chat.


I will be in attendance!

I am coming from St. Louis MO I am more than happy to meet up after, or before the event as well. Are you located in the area?


Hey Peter! I’m a student in North Carolina and will be driving down to the conference. I would love to meet up before the conference, I should be getting into Atlanta around the early evening. Will you be available on Saturday?


Definitely, I plan to drive down Saturday and would love to meet up the
night before.

Send me an email at with more information and I’d
love to meet up and talk.

Looking forward to it,


Hey Guys! I am going to be down in Atlanta as well, and will be around saturday evening if you guys want to get together. I am trying to wrangle a group of people to the Park Tavern in downtown atlanta for drinks starting at 9. If you guys are around, would be great to have you!

When you guys get in, shoot me an email at


I’ll plan to attend, thanks for pulling this together!



Excellent, sounds like a plan! See you all then.



Follow up article on the conference:

Was great to meet you both and can’t wait to continue collaborating!




Wanted to revive this topic as I will be attending with a few friends from St. Louis as well as @TechBrainstorm who I met last year at AgLanta!

Please reach out if you’ll be there too, I’d love to connect Monday night.

Heres a link to a Google Drive folder with all of the presentations from last years conference:

Also, this is one of the best panels I’ve seen on the state of Indoor Farming in U.S. it’s a discussion of 3 farms (CEOs of PodPonics, FarmHere) that have gone bankrupt. Great advice:


I love this panel so much, lots to be taken here for commercial farmers