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Hi All,
I would like to start a category for meet up location. I am from Southern California. And I know there is a meetup in North California. So if anyone is interested please post your location.
Thank you


Hi! I am in Northern California and would be interested in learning more about the meet ups in NorCal that you mentioned? Thanks!


Hi I am in Texas but would be willing to travel for said meetup! Please keep me updated


I am in Irvine and would be interested in a Southern California meetup.


I’m building a Food Computer in Baltimore, MD, but I am originally from Southern CA and am in town fairly regularly.

Would love to be included in the meetup if this is still happening/in the works!


Hello Peter,
Let’s chat. I am planning to drive/fly up to NorCal in mid of February. How can I get a hold of you?


@andy Let me know if you’d like to chat, I made this post and am working with the team in Northern Cal as well.


Hello Peter,
I just send a reply but somehow it didn’t post.

Let’s chat. On the side note, I will be going to NorCal in middle of February. Let’s meet up for coffee if you can. Where are you located at?


Hello #nerdfarmers we’re in London and might struggle to drop into California, without a little preplanning :slight_smile:

However, I’ve an event space in our lab so we’d be keen to establish a London community. We’re building a food ‘greenhouse’ computer.


Building a PFC in NE London UK

I am actually out of St. Louis MO.

This is the group I am aware of in SF:

Let me know if you would like me to put you in contact with their group
leader. I am also working with OpenAg to help put together a group here in



If you look up u


Hi Peter,

Thanks for organising this. Devtar from Plant OS here and we are based in Malaysia/Singapore. We would like to take the lead and organise chapters in the region(Southeast Asia). Do agree with Caleb’s recent article. We need to grow this nascent community by collaborating so we can realise this vision together.

One small suggestion, I do think of ourselves as plant wizards. The term nerd has a negative/anti-social connotation. IMHO


Very interesting @devtar have you heard of Panasonic’s work there? I’d be curious to know more about what is happening, were you able to attend the recent indoor ag-con?

You should all check out this post as well and reply with where, and what you are working on, etc: Open Agriculture Foundation Chapters

While I agree the term nerd can be used in a negative sense, I think part of the effort of the term “nerdfarmer” is to show kids that being a nerd can be cool. (I agree Plant Wizard sounds awesome though!)


Hi, gladly looking for others to meet up about food computers & food servers in West Palm Beach, FL :slight_smile:


Hey greenlab, we’re also in London, and would love to meet up to discuss food computing. The three of us are students at the RCA and ICL. Let us know if you’re free sometime.



I see a mention of Texas above @forceofsunshine and would love to participate. I’m currently in the Houston area but, Im based out of Austin.

Let me know where you’re from and if you’d like to organize something.


Have you had a chance to visit TXRX labs in Houston?

I was there about a month ago and met with a woman named Wanjun there who was very interested in the OpenAg project.

TXRX specializes in hacking old machinery to be used with Linux CNC. Their space was quite large and definitely seemed to be the sort of place perfect for a Food Computer and to find more #nerdfarmers. If you haven’t had the chance to check out it I’d give it a look.

Also, Moonflower Farms was very interested in OpenAg, they currently grow Microgreens for the Houston area.

Lastly, Urban Harvest is a non-profit who may be able to help you contact other local farms in the area.

If you are interested in meeting with any of these organizations let me know and I can put you in contact with them.



Hello, @ifoster, have you had the chance to meet @adrianlu? He is organizing a group out of SF, check out their website here:


@Webb.Peter These all sound great, I’ll take a look into it. Unfortunately, I’ll be headed back to Austin soon for work but, it’s only a few hours drive if I want to visit. Thank you for the suggestions.

May I ask how you came across these places? My only connection to the agricultural world is through personal endeavors and Open Ag.

I’m hoping I can find some people near Austin who’d like to start a chapter.


The great part about this project is that everyone is involved in food.

Honestly, I was visiting Houston for a wedding and I just googled a bunch of keywords and knocked on doors for a day. I have done quite a lot of this in STL and those contacts are now really helping me as I am working to scale up and work on larger projects. It is incredible how many organizations want to be a part of this.

Happy to talk more if you’re interested. Here are some places in Austin that can show you examples of hydroponics/urban agriculture in action. I literally just googled “Hydroponic Farm Austin”

Here is a meetup slightly more related to Aquaponics but I’m sure will get you connected with others in the ag-tech and sustainable farming community.

You can also reach out to “Tech Shop” which is a maker space located in Austin. We have a Food Computer on display at Tech Shop STL, by doing this we have had dozens of interested people reach out to us about getting involved with OpenAg.

Hope that helps,


Haha, yeah I’ve never been the “knock on doors” type although I admire that trait. I’m sort of surprised that I’ve never come across maker spaces like the one you posted. Especially since I spend so much time absorbing maker tutorials.

Thank you again for the info. I come from the world of operations management, training and tech support (with an engineering upbringing) and I spend my free time doing this sort of stuff. If you ever have need for somebody with that skill-set, please reach out.