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I’m in El Paso, currently a college student. I’m studying CS and anthropology, my goal is to incorporate the food computer into our local school and sort of create a tech hub in El Paso to help El Paso grow. Currently I have the support of a few local restaurants, but for the most part I’m extremely behind on my research. Maybe if we can do some research on Agriculture Orgs in other big cities in Texas (I can do the reaching out if you’d like) we could get a larger Texas community going. How should I contact you?


and then form a meet up.


I know for a fact I will be spending some of my summer in Huntsvile / Houston and San Antonio


You can contact me here in PM’s and it goes to my e-mail. Once I get back to Austin, Im going to talk to some of my co-workers about it. I can give you my e-mail as well.

As far as Ag organizations in Texas, there are a ton but, none that I know of who are involved with MIT Open Ag or food computers.


I am from Egypt, Can I meet up? :joy:


Hi @ifoster ! Hope to see you at one of our meetups! Feel free to send me a DM if you want to learn more.

HT @Webb.Peter for the mention.


I think showing kids that being a “nerd” is cool is part of the appeal to nerdfarmer. Plus - using data to grow crops consistently around the world through Controlled Environment Agriculture fits with the “nerd” aspect. Plant wizard is cool though :slight_smile:


Good stuff!

Have you seen the guy doing aquaponics at the National Design Center/One Makergroup?

When I visited Singapore I saw this small/fridge sized aquaponics system running there.

I’m really itching to go to Singapore again sometime soon so I’d love to meet up when that happens.


@VRT_FRM @24Karrots @andy I will be in LA 4/21-4/22. I would be happy to meet with you guys and tour a farm or two there as well as discuss opportunities there and what we’re doing here in STL.

Let me know if this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing (or anyone else in Southern California as well). I’d be happy to set up a call prior and discuss your goals further.

Looking forward to knowing more about what is going on there!



Helo Adrian and Peter,
Which part of North California are you located at? I may be planning a trip to go up there soon. Maybe after Peter’s visit to socal.


Hello Peter,

Thanks for the offer. Let me see how my calendar looks.



Hi @andy,

I’m in San Francisco. I’ll be out of town until late March starting the end of this week but I’m happy to meetup! Otherwise If you’re around next week we’re having our Homebrew meeting on Tuesday night. Check out our meetup: for details.




Is anyone in Columbus, Ohio?? I am wanting to start this project but have very little build experience. A group effort would be ideal. Thanks!


Thanks! Will do that now