Misting Coverage and Nozzle Arrangement


Hi Everyone,

Our team has proposed a setup using High Pressure Aeroponic method. Other things aside, what has troubled us is the misting system. Since HPA utilizes ultra fine mist which’s within the range of 20-50 micron, and a very low flow rate at 1 mL per 0.1m3 volume ratio suggested by @Atom, we are concerned about the number of nozzles we should use.

Through research, we came across this nozzle, which satisfies the requirement for droplet size and flow rate. However, after taking a look at the coverage area, not so ideal.

The setup has a 2m long, 0.3m deep and 1.6m wide root chamber. With only 10in (25.4cm) diameter of coverage, we would be forced to put many nozzles to ensure enough coverage. I’m wondering if anybody has any experience in dealing with such problem?

In addition, I’m curious, would the mist eventually spread to the entire volume of the root chamber, say, if I leave some gap between the coverage area of the nozzles?


The 1ml per 100L saturation relates to full coverage and a 5-80 micron droplet range. The mist from a nozzle will spread much further than you imagine, especially if its aimed into open space. Shining a bright light (10-20w led floodlight or a shaft of natural sunlight) into the chamber via a planting hole will illuminate the mist you cant usually see.


Thank you for your insight. We will definitely try them out. :blush: