Moab Utah Build Diary


Hello Open Ag!

I am an educator working with middle school students in an after-school robotics club to build a food computer that will be used at a local non-profit educational farm! I’ve never attempted anything like this and I am nervous/ excited!


@moab_build If you haven’t already seen this thread, I recommend it as a good starting point:

/cc @Webb.Peter


That’s the plan we’re using! We already have all the materials and have created the enclosure ( a little late on the build dairy)

thank you so much for providing such detailed material lists and plans! We all have very little experience with this kind of thing but are having fun learning together :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Just to be clear, I wasn’t involved in creating the MVP design, but I sometimes help with answering questions about it here. If you haven’t connected yet with @Webb.Peter and @webbhm, they are directly involved.


I look forward to seeing the build diary. I’m also curious to learn more about how your robotics club is working with a local non-profit.

Let us know if you run into any problems or have questions! I recommend having a group work on the brain simultaneous to the rest of the enclosure so you can get started with the software and not have to wait on that part to get growing!