Modularity of the Food Computer



I am currently planning a build, and looking at sourcing materials. I would rather build something of a stripped down version, and add to it if required. Specifically I am looking to leave out the Carbon Dioxide regulation on the initial build (leaving space in the frame to fit it later maybe).

I guess my questions are:

  • Which parts can I leave out without upsetting the control system too much?
  • If I were to leave out much of the atmospheric regulation from the initial build will the software hate me?
  • Has anyone looked into using a smaller light source, and also allowing daylight into the unit?

I am happy enough to include the electronics, avoid trying to strip down the brain of the unit. My initial concern is around how upset the brain will be if it is missing limbs. I would be looking to include the sensor suite so that I can at least see how bad the growing environment is as a result of my … tinkering … with the design.

Thanks for reading.



Hi Alex,
If you want to cut down on costs I would recommend the following, based on my own building experience (not up and running yet)

  1. led strips and camera ( you can look through the window regularly )
  2. the 360W powersupply for led strips and fans is a bit over-dimensioned, I guess a simple 12V wall outlet adapter should do the trick, especially when no led strips are being used
  3. I am not sure whether the touch screen is a ‘must have’

hope this helps