Mold issues on existing builds?


I love the concept of the food computer. I am considering constructing one but I have a concern.

How sealed are these units w.r.t humidity. If I construct a food computer in my basement will I have mold issues in and around the unit?.

Has anyone seen mold develop on their systems?



I would suspect that if you have mold in your basement already, mold will probably be a problem since the PFC uses ambient air as a method for environment control. If mold spores enter through the vent fan, that’s going to be an issue. If there’s no mold in your basement though, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Get an Ozone generator… and a HEPA filter on the air intake.


Just to be clear I don’t have an existing mold problem. I am wondering if I will develop one if I build a food computer in my home. I assume that the humidity would be elevated around the food computer. Typically there are mold spores in every environment they just need a place to start growing.

I agree an ozone generator would fix mold issues.

Just seeking comment from those who have been running the current version.