Monitors for humid environment


Hello everyone!

I’m preparing to setup a PC based system and I’m having trouble finding monitors suited for humid environments. It looks like Lenova makes military grade (91-98% humidity rated) computers and laptops but they don’t sell an actual monitor that meets the kind of specifications for long term use in a humid grow environment.

I’ve found a number of “industrial monitors” that obviously cost an arm and a leg (as they’re often rated well beyond the conditions I’m going to be exposing it to) but I thought I’d pop my head in here and see if anyone has any experience or suggestions on how to handle this.

The other possibility is that I just move everything to one of Lenova’s military grade laptops that are already rated for high humidity but I’d like to plan on having a larger (and more maneuverable/setup optimized) screen so I can fit more information on the screen.

Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


We recently installed a monitoring system based on the MVP software stack in an aquaponics greenhouse. It’s at the St. Louis Science Center, and their team recommended a monitor they’ve used in the past that would have cost $2000.

We decided it wouldn’t be worth it - and went ahead and got a regular monitor off Amazon for less than $100. I figure that if the humidity gets to it, we can replace it 19 times before the cost of one made precisely for that environment is justified.