MonkeyMan_TV Build Series


After seeing Caleb on TED Talks I couldn’t help but jump right into my own build. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for a v2 to even come out so I’m sticking with all of the GitHub information for v1. I’ll be documenting my progress in weekly videos on my YouTube channel. Here is a link to the playlist:

I look forward to seeing everyone else’s build diaries as well, good luck #nerdfarmers!


Operation Food Computer - Episode 3 is posted!


Operation Food Computer - Episode 4 is posted!


Thanks for putting up the videos - I’ve watched them all. I’m eager to see them as the build really picks up speed.

Is that your actual speaking voice, or have you modified it for the videos?


Thank you for watching, I hope you are enjoying them! No, that is not my real voice my videos are sped up to 1.3x normal speed for both comedic value and the fact that I normally talk very slowly and monotone.

Speaking of videos though, here is episode 5!


Operation Food Computer - Episode 6 is posted!


Can i start to build PFC?

Operation Food Computer - Episode 7 is posted!



Operation Food Computer - Episode 8 is posted!



Hey! I put some photos up of different build stages so far.



Operation Food Computer Episode 9!


Full Gallery:


Episode 10 was put on hold pending some shipments to come in this week. This weekend we’ll be opening up boxes, installing the window and depending on time starting the motherboard!


However, I did find the time to fix up the case by just using more foil tape over the mishapped corroplast pieces.




Operation Food Computer - Episode 11 “MOTHERBOARD/120VAC”: