More information please


As this is a forum with the intent to share information in order to pick each others brains I would really like to have some more information on the design principles of the food computer. This way I can try to understand why things are the way they are and what I can do to improve (isn’t that the purpose of it all ?)
So please, to all the original designers of the PFC v1: give us the background information on your beautiful design so we can add our expertise and wisdom to make it even better!
Here are some examples on questions I have:
Why did you choose to have a ciculation pump AND an air diffuser ?
Why did you choose a 360Watt 12V power supply (that seems like a huge overkill) ?
Why did you choose to have a cover instead of a large front door to have access to the growing chamber ?
There are probably many more questions from other builders as well. Any information that could help me (and others) understanding the PFC is much appreciated !


I guess most of us have one or the other point that should be cleared. @Peperoni thanks for pointing it out. i don’t know about the rest of your questions but regarding circulation pump this may help Water circulation process


I will answer what I can here, but I have somewhat limited knowledge of the hardware.

The air diffuser is there to oxygenate the water, and the circulation pump is there to mix the water (making sure that the water isn’t stagnant and that anything that is pumped into the reservoir gets mixed in relatively evenly)

The power supply is almost certainly more powerful than it needs to be; that’s just not something we were trying to optimize yet.

Having a cover instead of a door just makes it easier to hack on the bot. For example, some people wanted to move the lights closer to the tray for germination and then move them back up later. Doing adjustments like that is much easier when you have access to the grow chamber from multiple sides.