Mounting digital light sensor


I assume that the distance from the light sensor to the led panel is critical as it measures the light intensity. I notice that it is quite sensitive so I wonder what effect it will have if it is mounted a couple of centimeters higher or lower towards the led panel. I couldn’t find any instructions regarding this distance…
Any suggetions from the more experienced builders ?


From what I’ve read, the TSL2561 sensor is not very precise, and it’s mainly used to measure light intensity changes, for example to control LED display illumination.
I think mounting it a little higher or lower won’t make any difference. The controller compares its value to 0 and 10000 (I think) to check if it has to turn the lights on or off. If the reading is anywhere inbetween, and it definitely will be, than it will work fine.


OK, in that case I wonder why we needed the ‘digital’ light sensor as there is also a (cheaper) version available from Grove… There are more BOM items that I have questions on by the way :slight_smile:


I think the idea was to measure PAR and maybe PPFD, but I think a better sensor would be necessary.