Mushrooms - Shroom Farm


The Shroom Farm is a modification of the $300 Food Computer (MVP). I was playing with some CO2 sensors, so decided to find a use for them.
CO2 is tied to the fan (exhaust CO2 when it gets too high), and humidity is tied to a USB humidifier (to keep humidity up). I start the oyster mushrooms in the dark, then open them up and put them here for pinning and fruiting.
Using coffee grounds and sawdust for substrate.
@tim - Peter told me to ping you with this, he thought you might have some ideas or input.
I am posting documentation here.


That looks great! Thanks for sharing the photo.

I’ve used a similar humidity dome for starting African Violet cuttings, and it worked well. Your write-up mentions that mushrooms don’t need lights, so maybe this won’t be of much use to you. But, if somebody reading this thread wants more ideas for experimenting with growing in a humidity dome, this is a cheap lighting option that worked well for me:

I cut up a cheap 6 ft LED strip from the clearance rack of the Lowe’s kitchen lighting aisle and soldered it in a zig-zag pattern to make a panel. Then I stuck it to a piece of foam board. To secure the panel, I set it on top of my humidity dome and attached it with a couple strips of gaffer tape. To control it, I used a 120VAC relay timer on the AC side before the power adapter. But, since the power adapter puts out 12VDC, it would be safe and easy to control the output side with a Raspberry Pi relay.