MVP build for Youth Garden Project, Moab Utah


I am an education/ programming intern at an urban farm/ education center in Moab, Utah. For my intern project I will be building a food computer with middle school students and hopefully building some curriculum for summer camp and field trips around the food computer.


I’d love to hear more about your project - please feel free to reach out to the community with any questions.

I’m interested in what type of curriculum you’re developing. Here’s a very rough idea of what we’ve been working on:


I’d love to hear more as well! I’ve been running educational programming (as high school science classes, elective elementary school classes, and summer programming classes in community centers in Baltimore, MD, and recently presented about this as SXSW EDU ( Would love to help out with your programming and learn about how you’re thinking about the curriculum for students in Utah!


It’s a great idea. I think it will be welcomed.
Good luck