MVP - Data Aggregation



There are loads of great threads documenting builds of the $300 Food Computer/MVP project. The goal of this post is to ask all of you who have been using the MVP to grow in to please provide links to the data which has been collected. This includes three things, if you don’t have all 3 that’s fine - please just share whatever you do have and hopefully we’ll collect a large enough sample to improve the recipes/instructions.

  1. Upload (file or link to file) located in this folder on the MVP: /home/pi/MVP/data/data.csv
  2. Link to a folder (preferably Google Drive) with copies of photos from this folder on the MVP: /home/pi/MVP/pictures
  3. Any additional data collected regarding growth (height, weight, observations), root zone environment (ph, ec, nutrient), and plant (variety, seed brand, etc.)

Happy to answer any questions that come up. I will work with @webbhm to compile this data and provide aggregated reports to this community once we have several submissions.