MVP - Future of Process


This is the third and final post I will be making about the MVP. I have a lot of ideas for systems (there’s so much to grow!) but have to focus on what is realistic for the time being. I want to make sure our MVP’s have their value maximized, and serve as proof to world of what an open source community can do. I also want to make sure that the great work we do isn’t wasted, and that it finds its way into the hands of those who can learn from it. Please contribute ideas for future MVP projects, uses for food computers, and brainstorming of possibilities for what could come out of this process.

Post 1 - MVP - Community Development
Post 2 - MVP - Product Design
Post 3 - MVP - Future of Process

MVP - Product Design
MVP - Community Development

Love this idea, and this roadmap makes lots of sense.

This is a movement, and if its going ot be successful, it needs to have easy wins for action items that get people geeked up. Everyone here that is investigating PFCs has some knowledge that can be transferred, and some insights to what an easy MVP product can be.

I am excited to personally start to contribute the PFCv2.0 we built to build out the community in NYC, and look forward to announcing it this weekend. I think that by bringing the resources we have developed here in the NYC community to others that arent in the network yet, it can give us a good lens for which to see where we can take this because the information is being PULLED from us, rather than Pushed out.

Additionally, open standards that are inter-operable are going to be crucial here. I have limited insight into how to make this work, but i am happy to help foster the relationships and product roadmaps and help coordinate


Just found this great thread by @adrianlu on possible community developed mods for the PFC.

I’d love to see someone working on Co2 actuating, I’d be happy to be a test dummy for adding the mod onto our V2, I’ve always thought using a paintball Co2 cartridge could work. Perhaps I’m totally wrong and there’s an expert out there, if so please start the conversation.