MVP - ppm levels and ph of water


In the MVP’s operational documentation, I’m confused about the PH and the PPM levels. There doesn’t seem to be any numbers specified.

For example, here its says “Check your source water PPM count with sensor”, but what level am I looking for?

And for the ph, what level am I looking for? How do I adjust it? The slides only say to check the ph without instructions on what to check for.

More details would be appreciated, I’ve barely grown anything, let alone hydroponically, so I need some hand-holding! :laughing:


I’m looking at this as well, based on the BOM the EC and pH are manually checked using a manual sensor.


Here are some posts where Peter & Howard have discussed mixing nutrients:

As I understand it, the MVP design is meant to work with Cornell’s guidelines for lettuce:

Also, this thread has lots of links with background information on hydroponic growing & CEA:



Ph - aim for about 6-6.5 depending what you’re growing.
EC - start at 600 PPM then once they grow a little go as high as 1200 PPM.

Thanks @wsnook